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June 11, 2012

The Overnight Lows new seven inch "Cones and

Rods" b/w "Shouldn't Say It" is set for

release this summer on Blahll! Check back soon

for the release date!

May 29, 2012

Our friends Overnight Lows from Jackson, MS will

be releasing their third seven inch on Blahll!

The band has been playing locally and

touring since the breakup of Marsh and

Daphne's previous band the Comas in the late

nineties. The band's first release was a full

length LP/CD entitled "City of Rotten Eyes"

on Goner Records in 2010. The band followed

up their first LP with a seven inch on Goner

"Slit Wrist Rock n Roll" in 2011. In early 2012

Red Lounge Records released the Lows next seven

inch, "Easy Girls Get More Action" featuring

Daphne singing a track in German.

Distaff rockers from the unlikely indie scene of Jackson, MS, Wild Emotions include the talents of guitarist Daphne Nabors (Overnight Lows), keyboardist Chrissy Valentine and bassist Ruby Rogers (both from the notorious Black Belles). The A-side is an organ-powered slice of gothic garage, creepily effective at that, while the B, in its chaotic, dissonant, fuzzed-out gleeful romp, definitely lives up to its title. Somebody put these gals on barnstorming tour with The Cynics and watch the sparks fly. (—by Fred Mills)


“Cones and Rods”b/w “Shouldn’t Say It”: 7”

The Overnight Lows continue to blaze with this two song offering. The trio play Dangerhouse-paced punk with a rock and roll twist. Snotty male and female tradeoff vocals over raw riffage. Plus you have to think about what they are saying once in a while. Quality punk all around. Most essential.

–Billups Allen (Blahll!)


Terminal Boredom

The Stovebolts are an in your face,

no frills rock-n-roll machine from

the Hattiesburg, MS.


Jamie Vayda started The Stovebolts on June 20, 2012 but the band didn’t become the hell fire rock-n-roll locomotive that they are today until a lineup change that November. The changes included John Wayne Littlejohn on guitar, Erika “Walk Tall” Lane on bass, and Jarod “Speed Lumps” Lumpkin on drums. Rocking juke joints and dives from New Orleans to Chattanooga, TN The Stovebolts had people dancing right into the arms of Satan! The band released their debut album “To the Top” in April of 2013 and it was loved and hailed as one of the greatest rock-n-roll albums ever recorded by many critics. Early December of 2013 saw another lineup change for The Stovebolts. Six string dynamo and riff god, Jeff Nettles joins the band on second guitar. Because shit happens in life when you’re living it, Jarod Lumpkin had to leave the band and he was replaced by drummer extraordinaire… Mr. Andy Pate. The Stovebolts are now set to release their second album “Over the Limit” on Blahll! Records this fall. As the band continues to play shows and wow audiences, they invite you to join in the big party! There’s nothing deep here, there’s no thought provoking message for the betterment of humanity, and there’s NO politics… just good time hell raising rock-n-roll by a band that does it right! 

Martin Savage from Stockholm, Sweden is easily that country’s and maybe even Europe’s most prolific punk and garage rock entrepreneur. Having started Savage Magazine and Records in 1995 at the tender age of 17. He started his career as a garage rocker at about the same time as the lead singer and guitar player for the now infamous the Blacks who toured the U.S.A. twice, once with New Orleans Persuaders and once with Japan’s Guitar Wolf. The Blacks disbanded in 1999 but mr Savage moved on to a slew of different bands and projects with releases both in Europe and the USA.In early 2012 he was for the first time without a band and got an offer to do an Italian tour. He called his friends Simon (drummer of the Mind Traps) and Henrik (bassplayer of Kilroy) to see if they would be up for it which they were. MARTIN SAVAGE GANG was born! At first they played songs from Mr Savage’s career but pretty soon new hits were written and a recording session in Memphis while playing Gonerfest 10 resulted in one 7” on Sweden’s Human Audio and one on Jackson, Ms Blahll Records. In 2014 they’re getting ready to do their first fullength. Just pure rock’n’roll with great hooks!!

Not Dead Only Frozen's name was a paraphrase of Steve McQueen's last line in "The Blob". The band formed originally in the spring of 1995 in order to enter into a high school talent show. The song "School Lunch" was the only song in the set list at the time. Initial Members included Justin Manning (guitar, vocals), Gary Burney (bass), and Michael Rushing (drums). The band subsequently experienced lineup changes during the next two years. Josh (Snoball) Wade took on bass as Burney made the drums his home. Bobby Andrews (At all Cost) later replaced Wade. Briefly NDOF had two guitarists when Michael Usry and then Bryant Faries were added to the lineup .

NDOF played shows throughout Mississippi even though most venues were off limits to a teenage drop out punkabilly band. Most live sets were at small, all ages DIY type environments. Starkville house shows, the Little House in Biloxi, Cleveland, and shitty coffee houses were all examples of typical shows.

Although heavily influenced by the simple accessibility of punk rock, the bands early love of 50's rock n roll and rockabilly, along with a constant intake of B-movies greatly affected their sound and look.

After playing a show in Atlanta in 1997 the core members of the group decided to relocate and begin anew with "the Gettin' Headstones".

The NDOF Discography includes Bring out your dead (10-song cassette), 7-inch split with "The Eunuchs", a two song compilation from Hattiesburg, a never before released session at Route 1 studios, and a live DVD with "The Crumbs" in Jackson, Ms.



The Eunuchs are a punk/garage band from the Jackson,

Mississippi area that was formed by four idle teenage losers

during a lazy summer in 1993. Their first gig was at the Jaycee

Hall in Clinton, playing inept covers of the Dead Boys and

retarded originals for a friend’s Sweet 16 birthday party.

Soon the band found itself losing to a 14-year-old country

singer at the talent competition at the Mississippi State Fair

(under the moniker “The Jason Sickle Rock Band”), and not

long after, the band’s original yelper, Clif “Think I’ll Put My

Socks on First” Eunuch left the band and the core lineup of

Carey, Josh and Jason Eunuch soldiered on despite the fact

that no one in the band even knew what an E chord was.

1994 saw the release of their first self-titled, 4-track recorded

cassette tape, that featured original songs like “UPS Guys” and

“(I Have a) Golf Bag (On My Wall)” that are probably better left

forgotten, and immediately after they gave the world the Man

Daniel, That’s Nasty cassette that featured more inept goodness

like “Up Your Nose (With a Rubber Hose).”

In ’95 the Eunuchs went into a real studio and emerged with

Hazardous to Your Health, an 8-song – you guessed it – cassette

that marked the first appearance of “Henry Rollins (Is a Dork)”

(whichwould later appear on the 7” compilation the Best of

Bumfuck Egypt on Molasses Grave Records alongside bands like

No Fraud and Atomic Jefferson) and a recording of their

flagship song “Dressed for Success” where their guitars were kind

of in tune (a song that would be covered by Jackson-

gone-Baltimore punkers The Sniff Shits).

In ’96 the boys headed up to Starkville, Miss., and recorded

some songs that eventually became their first vinyl 7”, Songs

About Girls and Shit, the first release on Jason Eunuch’s Blahll!

Records imprint. It featured blasts of goofy teenage punk like

“Christina Ricci” and “My Mother is a Meanie,” and made top

ten lists when it was reviewed in Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll,

(if that means anything).

In late ‘96 The Eunuchs, having gotten into more garagey,

old-school rock ‘n’ roll from listening to Chuck Berry and Buddy

Holly incessantly, recorded some demos of hair-raising garage

rock and sent them to every record label they could think of.

A tape sent to Eric O.’s Goner Records label in Memphis drew

the attention of another Southern teenage rocker, Jay Reatard of Reatards fame, and another tape that made its way into the

hands of Ryan Romano, the man who ran Kankakee, Il.’s

Sack o’ Shit Records brought an offer to record an LP.

After becoming friends with Jay, he agreed to come down

to Mississippi and record The Eunuchs LP. For the first time, lineup changes shook the band – half of the LP was recorded as a

three-piece before original drummer Josh Eunuch left to play

with his other band The Comas full-time.

The two remaining members recruited the drummer and bassist

from Not Dead Only Frozen, a rockabilly punk band from

Crystal Springs, Miss., and completed the album as a four-piece,

with Jason Eunuch moving to guitar. Two songs from the

recording sessions were released on a split 7” EP with Not Dead

Only Frozen on Blahll!, and their completed LP, Revved-Up Youth

on a Thrill-Rampage was released on Sack o’ Shit in 1998.

Unfortunately, because of girlfriends, college and other nonsense,

The Eunuchs broke up, playing one show in Normal, Il, (with

Reatard filling in on drums) in support of the LP before calling

it quits.

Going their separate ways, The former Eunuchs went through

various states of college, real jobs, other bands, marriage, and

kids for a number of years, until, in late 2004, after realizing that

they were were getting old and bored, they thought the time was

right for a reunion show. Josh, Jason and Carey, brought along

Bobby Eunuch (who at one point was a member of Not Dead Only Frozen) to play a reunion gig at Martin’s Lounge on January 21,

2005, that was a vertiable revue of their songs.

The following week they performed at the first-ever Goner Fest in Memphis, marking the first time they ever played in Bluff City.

The Atomic Brains were formed in 2002 in Jackson, MS. The band was formed from the ashes of Lindley McKellar and Daniel Welch’s lo-fi garage combo, the Raw Deals. The Atomic Brains were formed to expand what the Raw Deals started into a more full sound. The next addition to the band was Jason Sickle. Jason was a founding member of the Jackson, MS teenage rock n rollers, the Eunuchs. Jason also served for a short time alongside the late Jay Reatard as drummer for the Reatards from Memphis. One night while drinking at a local bar named Musicquarium, Lindley met Woody Conwill. The two began talking and by the end of the night Woody was the Atomic Brains' drummer. When Woody joined he was also serving as drummer of the local power pop act the John Black Attack.

The band's sound was a combination of Lindley, Daniel, and Jason's songwriting. While the styles differed the new band formed a solid rock and roll sound. The band began practicing and started play the local area. In the process a well-circulated self-title demo EP was released. The band then began playing outside the Jackson area in 2004. Around the same time the band recorded their debut seven inch in .

To the other band member’s surprise Woody quit the band shortly after recording the seven inch. By this time Daniel was also playing with the Tuff Luvs and was soon to follow Woody. Daniels departure ended his long time collaboration with Lindley. A Midwest tour was already in the works so Lindley and Jason grabbed local drumming genius Murph Caciedo to fill Woody's reins. Ryan Baucam from Goodman County joined on bass and the tour went on as scheduled. Upon returning the new lineup recorded two tracks that were originally intended for a new single. A short while later the group played their last show in 2005 at the legendary George Street Grocery's closing festival. The two tracks recorded by the final lineup never made it on vinyl but are now available on the compilation CD “No Chance” released in 2012.

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